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‘There is much more to “the change” than the change’

Are you ready to feel balanced, happier, healthier, in control of your weight, energised, and hormonally well? You’re in the right place.

You are woman in who is transitioning into mid-life and want to feel fabulously fantastic, confident, empowered, full of vitality and at peace with your body.

But that’s easier said than done, right? Because every time you try to help yourself, life gets in the way and you get lost in a minefield of conflicting and confusing information.

Maybe you feel hopeless, frustrated, unhappy; and wondering if you’re ever going to be comfortable in your own body again.

The worst part is, the longer you put off making positive lifestyle changes, the harder it is to feel good about other areas of your life because you keep delaying addressing your health and wellness needs.

It’s time to change all that, and this is where we can help you. We are here to hold your hand, support you, and push you when you get stuck. Most of all we will champion you to make great lifestyle decisions and choices.

Using our special blend of powerful mindset techniques, information, positive successful strategies, and healthy eating know-how, we will help you ditch the excuses and create a healthy, happy, balanced lifestyle so you can finally achieve your health and wellness goals as you move into and beyond the third age of being a woman.

Goals and Dreams

Flourish Beyond 40 is for all women: entrepreneurs, working women, housewives, executives, retired, single or married; wherever you are in the world we can help you.

We believe that the key to a happy mid-life and beyond is in your mindset, that food can be nutritious, balancing and delicious, and that managing your weight, moods, confidence, self image, and hormonal changes should never feel like a struggle (trust me, there’s a much easier way).

That’s why when we work together you’ll discover:


+ There is no need to feel as if you are drowning in a pool of messy hormonally-induced emotions

+ It’s not all downhill from the 40s onwards

How to let go of limiting beliefs that hold you back from being the amazing woman you are

How to live a life without stress

How you can be sexy and attractive at whatever age you are

+ The motivation to exercise more

Connections with other Flourishing Beyond 40 women

Ways of having more vitality, energy and confidence

Simple lifestyle tweaks that will make weight management seem effortless (no matter how busy you are)

How to stay motivated in addressing your health and wellness, even when you face hurdles and setbacks. Hint: this is the key to being confident happy, healthy, well and happy for good.

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You deserve to be the best version of you as possible. I believe when you take the right action this can be achieved easily. You just need some support, guidance, solutions, and the correct information with the opportunity to connect with other women sharing the same journey as you.

Let us take your hand and help you move forward step by step.

Why not say YES to yourself and your needs?

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