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Eye Health in the 40s and beyond – How midlife and menopause affects menopause and what you can do about it

  Eye health in your 40s and beyond is paramount. There are so many changes that happen internally and externally when we reach midlife, that sometimes we miss things that are glaringly (pardon the pun) obvious. Noticing small changes to the eyes for example.   Hormone Fluctuations As we enter the midlife and menopausal phase […]

Three Steps to Enjoy Your Life More

Have you noticed that time seems to be speeding up these days? and the“to do??? list appears to be getting bigger and bigger.  Maybe there is a feeling that there are not enough hours in the day to do what needs to be done.  As a result there may be a tendency to put things off […]


Burnout – How to recognise if it is happening to you Burnout and learning to deal with it enables you to live life in a more calm, peaceful, balanced way. “All work and no play is a great recipe for an imbalanced life??? Recognising the signs of burnout before it happens is vital for overall health […]

Moving forward letting go

Moving Forward by “Letting go” Moving forward by  letting go is sometimes necessary in order to continue working on your goals and dreams.   It  can be defined as choosing to release patterns of thought, negative  behaviours, habits, limited beliefs, or anything that prevents you from participating in life fully, or making progress on what […]

Goals and Dreams

  Goals and Dreams – 6 Successful Tips towards Making them Happen at Any Age! I heard a statement last week that really inspired me to write this Blog.  The statement I heard was “I am way too old now to work on my goals and dreams”!  The truth is you are never too old to […]