Changing Your Mindset



I have just returned from an amazing trip to the Middle East where I was invited so speak at the Women’s Peak Performance Summit on changing the mindset.  Set in the beautiful surroundings of the Anantara Eastern Mangroves and Spa in Abu Dhabi and lovely warm sunshine, a truly lovely experience.



It was a great trip in many respects, one because I was returning to the country where I lived in for 28 years and where I established a very successful business and made wonderful friends along the way.  Secondly I was breaking through my own fear barriers of public speaking by changing my own mindset.

The talk went incredibly well and it felt incredibly empowering to finally push that old obstacle to success out of the way once and for all and I am left feeling excited and inspired to do more public speaking events.



The mind can be a prison or it can a garden that flourishes, all depending on what you choose to feed it with our expose it to.  You can choose to grow weeds or you can choose to grow flowers, and it all comes down to the thoughts you think, the words you use, and the actions you take (or not).

A mindset focused in the right direction gets the results you are looking for. There are two mindsets; the growth mindset or the fixed mindset.  In the growth mindset there is a lot of energy and action taking.




A person operating from a growth mindset will generally not perceive failure as failure but as an opportunity to learn, improve and do it better next time. They are genuinely happy for other people’s success, and they truly believe that if they put their mind to it they can achieve it.  People operating from the growth mindset tend to get the results they want.

On the other side there is the fixed mindset.  There isn’t much happening there, and it is all rather stagnant and flat.  A person operating from a fixed mindset tends to give up as soon as they feel they have failed, they may also feel slightly threatened by another person’s success and they also do not tend to thrive as well as a person operating from a growth mindset.

Why not take a moment to reflect which side you may be operating from.


So what do you do if you find yourself in the fixed mindset too much?  First of all, let go of judging yourself as to why you are over there in the first place.  There are many reasons for this.

Let’s take a look at ways to move you towards a growth mindset.




 The thoughts you think and the words you use in your vocabulary have energy, impact and power behind them.  Words such as can’t, won’t, try, should, impossible are all limiting words.  The word but, for example, is normally followed by a negative statement: I would love to apply for that job BUT I am not clever enough, I would like to eat healthily BUT I haven’t got the willpower.




The same applies to the word don’t, the more we focus on what we don’t want, the more we attract it into our lives.  If I were to ask you “don’t think of a purple elephant”, what are you thinking of right now?

Become more aware of the thoughts you think and the words you use. In communication and dialogue use words such as; can, now, will, possible, ready.  There is action and movement in these words.



Some of the beliefs you have are not necessarily useful or helpful for you in present time.  They may not be your own and may come from what you have been taught to believe as a child.  Maybe a teacher told you that you were stupid, or dumb, or someone told you that you are not good enough.

Some of the beliefs I have heard in my work with many people are “because my family are all diabetic then I will be too, or everyone in my family is obese so I will be too.”  These beliefs are not helpful for you in your life and as such may be impacting and sabotaging all that you are working towards becoming who you want to be.

Take time to reflect on what your own programmed beliefs are, and take steps towards letting them go and embracing new beliefs that support your growth, development and potential.



It may be time to challenge the little voice inside that whispers “you are not good enough, clever enough, pretty enough” and so on.  You are enough, you are more than enough.  Begin to acknowledge all of your achievements in life so far.  Challenge that voice within by asking “is this really true”?  When you hear “what if I fail”? Challenge with “what if I succeed”?  Negative self talk will sabotage your goals and dreams.



Start today to implement new mindset behaviour to help to get you to where you want to be. Work with the three step process provided.  Yes, change can be scary, yet it is incredibly empowering.


Money, Finance and Wealthy Wisdom

Security is important to most women, whether that be financial security or emotional security; in some ways both are connected to each other.  Finance is important in so many ways.

“Money  gives you the freedom to do with your time what you want to do with it”

 – Richard Branson

We all know that there are some things that money cannot buy, such as health, love, and family. Some of the richest people in the world are unhappy.   However, some may argue that money does bring an element of freedom and choices that make life more comfortable and pleasurable.

With money you have the opportunity to do what you want to do with your time, travel where you want, have the adventures of your dreams, and perhaps have a better quality of life than the one that you currently have.  None of this is guaranteed to bring you happiness, as that is an inside job and something you create yourself. Healthy finance can be created with the correct mindset and actions.

“Wealth is the ability to fully experience life” – Henry David Thoreau

What is your Happiness Switch?

finance new car

Many people believe that happiness can be found in buying the latest car, a designer bag, shoes, a bigger house, or finding a new partner.  These things may bring short term pleasure, but true happiness does not rely on external objects or material possessions.  The creation of happiness deserves a blog all of its own.  For now, let’s get back to wealthy wisdom.

Finance and You

Do you feel there is too much month left at the end of your money?  You are not alone in this respect.  The marketing machine is strong and very tempting, and many people do fall into the trap of consumerism and the “must have more” mindset.

One of the worst things you can do is bury your head in the sand, not open your bills and continue spending. It is important to control your debt and spending habits.

stressed woman


Be open and honest with yourself about what you owe and devise a plan to pay it back.  The excellent website is where you will find some excellent tips to get back on track to clearing debts.

Women and Finance

It is a known fact that statistically women live longer than men these days and as such they need to be able to provide for themselves in order to live a comfortable life.  It is unfortunate that women have to take breaks away from work to have and bring up children, and this causes dents in the financial budget.

Stay on top of your financial expenditure as much as you can. Be aware of where money is spent and how. Save a little each month and it soon adds up at the end of the year.

What is your Why?


To start to get your finances in order you need to have a good, strong “why”.  Your own personal “why” motivates you to make the necessary changes to your spending habits and keeps you on track with your financial goals.  There is a personal emotional charge behind your reasons why you want it.  Do you know your personal “why”?

What is it for you? 

  • To pay off your mortgage early
  • To have the wedding you want
  • To feel financially free to make the best choices for yourself and family
  • To travel and have the experiences and adventures you have dreamed of
  • To invest in yourself or your education

Adjust your Mindset to Create Better Finances

Your mindset is important in terms of the creation of more wealth for you. Be aware of “poverty consciousness” or the belief that you will always be poor, or you will never have enough.  It is very difficult to create a wealthy attitude and actions with these beliefs in your mind.

Start to examine your own mindset.  Make sure you know what you want, and believe fully that you deserve more than you have now.

Review your Financial Expenditure

Go over your finances thoroughly and budget to discover where you can make changes that will allow you to have more income to do the things you love.  Become aware of where you are spending your money, and keep a record of your daily expenditure.  You will be surprised at how much a daily coffee and pastry on your way to work adds up at the end of the month:

One coffee            1.80

One pastry            1.60

Total daily            3.40 per day at 5 days per week

Total per month    68 pounds per month (20 days) = 816.00 per year

This is an example of a very small change you could make to your expenditure.  If you start to replace your shop bought lunches with a lunch you make at home, you may save the same amount or more again 1,632 per year.

If you start to consider other areas where you may be spending unnecessarily you can make even more savings.

The above changes are not going to make you feel as if you are missing out on life.  In fact, you are likely to become healthier by choosing to not eat shop bought products and making your own (saving money in the process).


Coupons are a great way to make savings.  Use them regularly and you can make some great savings.  Go to to find out more. You can also make great savings on Groupon.

Energy Providers

Makes sure you are getting the best value from your energy provider.  Check comparison sites such as to see how much you may be able to save.  All you need is a recent bill that shows which tariff you are on at the moment.

Plan Ahead – Good Finance is Key

Although Christmas, anniversaries, and birthdays are happy times, they can also be stressful due to funds being tight at the time.  By putting away 10 pounds a week over 52 weeks, you will have over 500 pounds available at Christmas to spend.  If you can increase that a little you will also have more funds for other times of celebration.

Food Shop

Before shopping, make sure you really need what you are going to buy.  Plan your meals ahead of time and use everything up before buying more.

Increasing your Income

There are ways for you to increase your finance and income.  If you love creating arts and crafts, why not sell in Etsy online store.

Why not register to learn something you have always been interested in and loved then monetise it?  For example, if you enjoy technology and design, you may find you enjoy designing websites.

There are many women who are making extra income from cake decorating or baking.  If this is something you love to do then think how you can earn money from it.


If you are at home, have time on your hands and good office skills, you may want to try being a Virtual Assistant.

Online survey companies love to find out about their products and customer opinions and you get paid to share your own opinion; why not do a few of those in the evening?  The same applies to Market Research Companies in your area. You can register at, and to find out more.

“If you want to become wealthy, you must have your money work for you”

– John D Rockefeller

The above are a few ways to create healthier finances. There are many other ways that involve:

  • Property
  • Investments and equity
  • Ecommerce
  • Books
  • Compounding

If you have enjoyed this Blog and would like to know more, why not check out our Wealthy Wisdom Module for more information?

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Have a healthy, wealthy day!


Isobel McArthur

Founder of Flourish Beyond 40

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