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Moving Forward by “Letting go”

Moving forward by  letting go is sometimes necessary in order to continue working on your goals and dreams.   It  can be defined as choosing to release patterns of thought, negative  behaviours, habits, limited beliefs, or anything that prevents you from participating in life fully, or making progress on what you are trying to achieve in your life both personally and professionally.

Stuck in a Rut

There maybe times when you feel that progress has come to a grinding halt,  and you are  not moving forward as much as you would like.  It is possible that you may not even know what keeps you stuck in a rut.

Energies are high late December and the beginning of January.  People are  bursting with enthusiasm, positivity, hope, and intentions while planning the year ahead.  Why do we get stuck in moving forward?

No Enthusiasm

There are many tools to use to stay motivated.  Some people find  Vision Boards, mind mapping and affirmations very helpful in staying on track.  However there may be deeper reasons in why energy wanes, and less and less action is taken in working on goals and dreams.

In order to keep moving forward, it is necessary to identify and let go of what may be holding you back.

 5 Ways to Get Moving Again


1. Have a good  Clutter Clear

Getting rid of things you no longer need allows fresh energy to flow into your life. This may be objects, situations and sometimes people.

Take a look in your wardrobe.  How many outfits are hanging there that you have not worn in the past year?  How many items do you no longer like or need?  Why not bag them up and take them to the Charity shop or sell them online.  Do you really need the mini skirt you wore 10 years ago? “just in case”.


Moving forward

If you have objects in your home that you dislike,  give them away to someone who will appreciate them more than you.  Do you have papers, books strewn everywhere?  Buy some pretty boxes and labels and get organised.  A tidy organized environment  is generally a more peaceful one.

Moving forward


Are there people in your life that are holding you back from moving forward by putting you down, or belittling you in some way?  Is it possible that you could limit your time with these people, or in fact consider whether you need them in your life anyway?

2. Letting go of Grudges and Resentment


Moving forward

Both of these are damaging for your overall emotional health and wellbeing.  The energy attached to these feelings is draining.  Time spent sitting in resentment or seething with grudges will rob you of focusing your attention in a happier, productive way.

It is impossible to feel an ongoing feeling of positivity when holding onto resentment and will certainly slow your progress on moving forward.

Life happens, people behave in hurtful ways.  Maybe you have experienced  disappointment and betrayal.  You cannot change the events that have happened in your life, but you can  change how you choose to respond to it.

3. Letting go of Social Media Addiction

Our lives are surrounded by digital technology. Of course there are advantages and disadvantages to this.   Some people admit to being “addicted” to Social Media and find themselves getting lost for hours in the Facebook Newsfeed, Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat and other apps.

If you find yourself spending excessive time on Social Media, ask yourself if what you are choosing to do with your time is getting you closer to where you want to be in terms of your goals?

Is it bringing you joy and happiness?  Do you feel fabulous when you come off Social Media?  Your answers will give you clues as to some changes you may need to make to your life.

Perhaps it may be time to let go of the amount of time spent on your devices. Allocate specific time limits and stick to them.

Reconnect with nature again.  Go out for a walk in the fresh air.  Connect with real people.  Join interest groups where you meet people face to face and socialise outside of the home and away from the screen.

Moving forward

If you are an entrepreneur or working on aspects of your business, do other business building activities that don’t involve technology.  There is also business to be found offline as well as online.  How will you know if you don’t try?

4. Switch off the TV

Are you careful about what you are exposing your mind to?  Do you find yourself watching TV programmes that are adding no value to your life?  Is there something better you could do with your time that would helpful in moving you forward?

Choosing to switch off the TV can free up huge pockets of time if you are an avid TV watcher.

Life passes very quickly.  Why waste  precious moments sitting for hours  in front of a TV?  Why not watch something that feeds your soul, nourishes your mind, or inspires you in some way. What you  feed your mind is as important as what you feed your body.


Moving forward


Use the extra time created to study something you have always wanted to learn. Exercise more, see a friend, take up a hobby.  Do things that gives you pleasure and an element of personal growth and development.


5. Let Go of Grief and Sadness

Moving forward

This can be hard for many people.   The loss of a loved one leaves a big empty void which can be intensely painful.

It is a personal choice whether to view the death of a loved one as a celebration of a life well lived (for adults)  or to choose to sit in pain and sadness for the rest of your life.

What would your loved one want you to do?  In most cases, they would want you to continue to live your life and to be happy as much as you can be.

How do we let go of sadness and pain?  Is this something that is part of the School Curriculum? Is this something we have been taught how to do? The answer to both questions is NO.   Those tools are not in our toolbox of life.

Fortunately, as a trained Grief Recovery Specialist I was able to help myself through the loss of my parents and also help others to deal with their loss.  Many others may end up burying or suppressing emotions that will indeed pop up later.

How we respond to grief generally is what we may have observed from our own parents and therefore emulate what they did and said when they went through similar.

To continue enjoying life to to the full we must keep moving forward.  There are some that find it extremely difficult to let go and instead choose to live in the past or to sit in their grief.  There is no growth in this behaviour.  If you feel that you are unable to participate fully in your life through holding onto the above emotions, seek out professional support to enable you to move on with your life.

Looking for Lessons

Looking for the lessons in any challenges in life may help to fan the flames of inspiration.  Focusing on solutions rather than problems  will help you to keep  moving forward.

Today I am Grateful For…


Moving forward

At the end of each day, why not write a gratefulness list of all the good things that have happened to you during the day.  The small things are just as important as the big things.  Read it regularly.

Every day is an opportunity to start again.  Don’t carry over negative thoughts or feelings into the next day.  Instead why not wake up with a smile, announce that “this is a new day, and  intend to make it a happy one”.

Intention infused with happiness is a very powerful force indeed.


Moving forward








Goals and Dreams


Goals and Dreams – 6 Successful Tips towards Making them Happen at Any Age!

I heard a statement last week that really inspired me to write this Blog.  The statement I heard was “I am way too old now to work on my goals and dreams”!  The truth is you are never too old to hold a big vision of of your life and what you want to be, see and do.

Goals and dreams, are something we may find ourselves working on throughout life, and  are  a wonderful way to work on personal growth and development.  As we reach the end of January with the festive season far behind and the “summer holiday” adverts  already being screened, it may be time to review your own big vision of yourself.

Research from the University of Scranton states  that only 8% of people achieve their New Year’s resolutions/goals/dreams or aspirations. Why is that?

Unfortunately many people set goals but have no clear idea on how to implement them into their lives, and many set goals that are just not achievable for them personally or professionally.  So how can we set powerful yet realistic goals and have a higher success of making them happen?

It is a true saying that “if you keep doing the same thing, you will continue to get the same results”.  When you have no clarity about where you are going, or what it is you want to do, then you get stuck in a rut.  Here is a great way for you to breathe life into your goals and dreams.

Make sure you create space in your day to work on these.  Ensure you have let go of anything that is holding you back so that you are full of energy to work on your vision.


It is recommended that you have your core values established and this is generally the first place that people stumble because they don’t have a clear idea what their values are. A value is something that holds great importance to you.  These may be in the area of:

  • Love
  • Family
  • Relationships
  • Health
  • Finances
  • Travel
  • Adventure
  • Personal growth and development
  • Faith
  • Trust
  • Security
  • Honest
  • Integrity

And many more in addition to the above.  Once you have established what your values are, you can then place them in order of priority with number 1. being top priority for you and so on. This helps you to get moving on the areas you consider important straight away.  Spend some time reflecting on your top values and how they impact your life and how they matter to you.  For example having health as a number one value carries over to all other values. Without health some of the other values may not be possible i.e. travel or adventure.  Interpret your values personally for you, this has the biggest emotional charge which is a great motivator towards change.

Asking the Right Questions

If you are struggling with goals and values, here are some key questions you can ask yourself:

  1. What do I truly want?
  2. What is the reason that I want it?
  3. What changes do I need to make to my life to make this happen?
  4. Is what I want in alignment with core values and ethical principles?
  5. How do I feel when I do things that go against my value system?

Goals and Dreams

It is evident that successful and happy people set goals that are in alignment with their value system.  Many also have their own “Mission Statements”.  Why not create your own that is unique and personal to you to help get you from where you are to where you want to be. Take a piece of paper and jot down what mission statements “feel” right for you.

Some examples are:

  • I want to make a difference to the world
  • To be the best version of myself possible
  • Live my life in alignment with who I am as a person
  • Continue working on my own personal growth and development
  • Live a life of truth and integrity


Goals and Dreams

Think about seven areas of your life where you would like to bring about positive change and create  Mission Statements for each one.  This may be in the areas of:

  1. Relationships
  2. Health
  3. Free time
  4. Personal growth & development
  5. Career
  6. Spirituality/faith/connection
  7. Financial flow


Now that you have written your Mission Statements you have more clarity and will find it easier to set goals and dreams around each one.  Create a special time in your day to write your goals.  Unleash your imagination and allow your mind to flow with ideas and possibilities.  If you hear the negative voice of self doubt whispering in your when you do this exercise, just stop for a moment and visualise yourself achieving your goals and dreams.  See it, feel it, touch it, smell it; the taste of success is delicious.  Make your visualisation as real as you can within your mind. This helps to adjust your mindset towards a better and more positive direction.


Goals and Dreams


Some people love to work on their goals visually by creating a Vision Board.  I am a huge fan of Vision Boards and create them regularly, and they work!  To create a Vision Board collect as many images, quotes and photographs as you can that really inspire you and get you fired up.  Place these on a blank canvas. You may wish to section areas off according to your goals. Write in colour on your board.  Make sure you place your board somewhere you can see it every day and start to take action every single day towards your goals and dreams.  You cannot plant a seed in fertile ground, not water it and expect it to grow.  The same applies to your goals and dreams.  You may also wish to create some really powerful affirmations.  Nurture the seeds of success you are planting.

Goals and dreams


Be vigilant about what you allow yourself to think in terms of your goals.  Being in control of your mindset and staying positive is imperative.  Stay in the growth zone as much as you can. This is where the energy is, and this is where the magic happens. Become an expert at turning negatives into positives.  Be careful with the words you use in your daily vocabulary.  Words such as should, try, and can’t are very self limiting and keep you small. You deserve to shine your light!


goals and dreams



goals and dreams

Of course you may have a few stumbling blocks along the way. This is normal and natural.  One of these may be in the area of lack of belief in your capabilities or your true potential.  When this happens, take some time to write down all of your achievements in life  in a journal.  I can recommend a wonderful journal  Review this list regularly, and acknowledge how far you have travelled, all that you have learned, and how much you have changed and transformed so far.

goals and dreams


Not everyone will be thrilled that you are  making monumental life changes and transformations.  Not everyone will share your enthusiasm.  Let that be okay.  This is your journey, not theirs.  You may find that you are “letting go” of certain people or situations.  Let that be okay too.  You are creating a big and wonderful space for new people, and opportunities to enter your life.  Be discerning with who you choose to share your precious time and energy with. Not everyone deserves a seat at your table in life.  If people are putting you down, belittling you, do you need these people in your life anyway?

Stay motivated to continue to working on yourself daily.  Small steps today lead to big results tomorrow.  Keep believing in yourself.  You are full of unlimited potential, and you are more than worthy of creating the life that you want to live.

I wish you lots of luck, happiness and joy in achieving all of your goals, dreams.  Remember you are worthy always.

It is time for you to inhale the future and exhale the past

This is your time to shine, don’t let anyone tell you otherwise!