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Healthy Eating Habits for Midlife and Beyond

Managing Stress in Midlife, Menopause & Beyond

Image Makeover

Wealthy Wisdom

Weight Management & Exercise

Sexuality & Relationships

 A Holistic Approach to Wellness

Dealing With Loss

Emotional Wellness

Supercharge Your Confidence

eye health

Motivate Yourself to Exercise in Your 40s and Beyond

Motivate yourself, work on your mindset and move your body. This…

Cutting hair short beyond 40 - why you don't have to

Cutting Hair Short Beyond 40 - why you don't have to  Hair…
menopause mindset mastery

Menopause Mindset Mastery- 3 positive changes

Menopause Mindset Mastery - 3 positive changes Menopause…

Isobel McArthur

Hi I am Isobel, the founder of Flourish Beyond 40. My mission is to reach out to wonderful women all over the world moving into their 40’s and beyond, to help them be and feel as fabulous as possible!

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